Home Maintenance Checklist

Well actually it’s pretty much here. However it’s never too late to carry out important autumn routine maintenance tasks to your home. Buildings in Cornwall can take quite a battering throughout the winter months as storm systems repeatedly pass over. If the external elements of your building are neglected, winter is the time of year when serious defects can begin to develop. We have put together this brief home maintenance checklist to help get your home ready for whatever winter may throw at it.

  1. Inspect the roof slopes for any slipped or broken slates. If necessary, have a competent roofer carry out repairs where appropriate. slipped slates may not appear serious but can lead to windblown rain entering the coverings. Even if secondary under felt is provided, this is not designed to take ongoing water ingress which might be expected in the winter and needless to say, a leaking roof can have serious implications to your home.
  2. Ensure that all gutters and flashings are free of plant growth and debris. This is likely to have accumulated over recent months due to the autumn leaf drop and possible bird nest remnants etc. Leaking or overflowing gutters will lead to water running down the walls and causing damage to the surfaces as well as possible damp ingress.
  3. Check the quality of external decorations. Cracks in masonry should be patch repaired to avoid water working its way in and causing further issues. Timber elements should also be kept in good decorative order as ongoing wet weather can lead to rot and decay.
  4. Ensure that all drains and surface gullies are cleared of debris. Blocked drains can cause flooding which ultimately can lead to dampness within your home.
  5. Although hard frosts are very rare in Cornwall, they can happen and tend to catch us all by surprise. Any external water supply pipes are at risk of frost damage and we would recommend installing insulated lagging to provide frost protection.


As all buildings are different, it is difficult to cover every aspect but hopefully this provides a helpful starting point.  If you require further specific advice on your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch.