Atlantic Building Consultants have received a grant from the Digital Transformation Programme Grant Scheme funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structure and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2020-2023. The grant has partially funded the design phase for development of a software application – BIMApp.



Empowering building owners to engage with experts and make smart decisions about their buildings through better use of building information modelling (BIM)



Using data and technology to revolutionise the way in which we interact with the built environment. Using hand held devices to capture 3D data and create a digital twin of buildings which can be manipulated and exchanged to support a wide range of uses and interventions. 


The platform will be available to building owners to allow capture, manipulation and storage of 3D data, which can then be extracted and kept as stand-alone building information model for use by the building owner and relevant third parties. Costs will be incurred during capture and manipulation of data, but not in sharing and accessing. The end benefactor is the building owner, although the platform will allow access and manipulation of data by a range of third parties including energy assessors (accurate 3D data for EPC/SAP calculations), surveyors (3D walk through reports), estate agents (3D walk through with measurements available), architects (convert to 2D plans for design), tradesmen (provide quotes without visiting, update with as built details), landlords/tenants (remote reporting/remediation of property issues). 


It is intended that the platform will be made available for use over the entire UK domestic sector during 2023, and serve 10% of UK domestic building owners by 2026. Commercial building owners will also be served by a later version of the platform in 2024.





Technology is affordable and available for the many. Provides ownership by the building owner, not the platform. 


 To simplify retrofit of energy efficiency measures to a wide range of buildings and help reduce CO2 emissions in the existing UK building stock. 


The model will remain available for the buildings’ entire lifecycle as a standalone file which can be stored and accessed separately from the platform. 


The platform is designed to evolve and adapt with emerging technology for 3D data capture, and not rely on a single product.